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Analogue Bursting Strength Tester

Analogue Bursting Strength Testers are mechanical devices used to measure the strength of paper and other materials by measuring the pressure required to burst the material. The tester works by placing the material sample between two clamps and then exerting pressure on the material sample until it bursts. The pressure is then measured and recorded on a dial. The burst strength test results can then be used to compare the strength of different materials or batches of the same material.

Product Details:

Product Analogue Bursting Strength Tester
Type Strength Tester
Material Mild Steel
Quality Best Quality
Display Type Analog
Driven Type Electric
Auto Button On/Off
Application Industrial
Surface Finish Painted
Frequency 50Hz
Usage To Measure The Strength Of Paper, Corrugated Board, Etc
Features Easy To Install, Easier To Use, Durable Etc
MOQ 1 Pieces
Manufacturer By Techno India
Country Of Origin India

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