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Since 2005, “Techno India” is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality testing equipment for the paper, film, and packaging industries. Our range of products includes bursting strength testers, RCT and ECT testers, GSM testers, digital moisture meters, brightness testers, stiffness testers, and scuff testers. All our products are designed to accurately measure the strength, quality, durability, and other important characteristics of paper, film, and packaging products. We procured the iron, brass, aluminum, casting, electrical, and electronic parts in designing the machinery. All the materials are quality-tested by engineers with a high years of experience. We become the helping hand for industry professionals to ensure that the products they are producing meet the exacting standards of their customers. Furthermore, our transaction facility is completely secure and the pricing of the instruments is affordable.

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The high-tech professionals, quality-inspector, and marketers are the spine of the company.
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At Techno India, we understand that the quality of the products being produced is essential to the success of any business.
Why Us?
We also offer comprehensive customer service and technical support, so our customers can be sure that their testing needs are met.

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